Do You Think the TBJ Reads the Crystal Coast Blog?

If you’re like me, I like to read my area’s local Biz Journal. In fact, even in this day and age of RSS feeds, Executives Need to be Connected even on vacationGoogle Reader and news aggregators, yes I still read the paper. Archaic isn’t it. Because I have a subscription to the TBJ, I receive their daily email updates on “breaking news stories.” Well I received an email today from TBJ and it included a story entitled “Study: Few execs leave the office behind while on vacation“. Wouldn’t you know I had to go leave a comment and gloat a bit. You see, I wrote (dare I say scooped!) a post on a similar topic entitled  “Wireless Web the Most Requested Amenity for Hotel Guest“. Me thinks the writers of the TBJ are reading my Crystal Coast Blog!

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