These Buoys Will Make You Happy!

No doubt, you have seen those brightly painted chains of buoys strung on numerous decks and porches onPorch Buoys by Sue in Salter Path the Crystal Coast. We stopped by the home of Sue Frost the other day and had to take a look at her incredible collection of colorful hand painted buoys. Sue and her husband are the creative geniuses behind Porch Buoys by Sue and their business is located across from the Crab Shack on Salter Path Road (Hiway 58) in Salter Path.

A Wide Assortment

Offering various lengths of buoys, these beautiful works of Crystal Coast art will brighten your deck, porch or any area of your home. For more information on Porch Buoys by Sue, give her a call at 252-247-6726 or email at Sue ask you allow 10 business days for delivery. Be sure to contact Sue with any questions or special orders.

Porch Buoys by Sue Pricing GuidePorch Buoys by Sue in Salter Path

1. 3 Buoys and two spacers $36.00

2. 5 Buoys and four spacers $62.00

3. 7 Buoys and six spacers $83.00

You must add $12.OO for shipping and handling.

Support of Local Crystal Coast Artist

We offer this information without compensation and trust you will support the local artist in the Carteret County area.

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