The Crystal Coast – Decades of Memories

Skiing in the Bogue Inter Coastal Waterway - 1971

This summer my husband Bobby and I will celebrate 35 years of marriage. Over the past 3 ½ decades, some of our favorite memories are tied to the Crystal Coast. Prom weekend 1971, I went to Atlantic Beach with 6 of my friends. Bobby also went with his friends and we spent the weekend hanging out and enjoying the sun. The following summer, I went with his family on vacation at Emerald Isle. I will never forget being tossed in his father’s boat by the huge wake of a tug on the Intercoastal Waterway. Bobby was water skiing behind us and skied over the wake like a pro.

Family Ties Grow at The Crystal Coast

Our daughter Amy’s first trip to the beach was the summer of ’75 at Atlantic Beach. We even purchased her a baby walker at the Roses in Morehead City. The next few years were spent vacationing in Atlantic Beach. By the time our son Brad was born my Uncle had purchased a home in Emerald Isle so we began to spend our vacations at that end of the Island.

On the Crystal Coast Beach in the summer of ‘71Development Comes to the Crystal Coast

In those days, the scenic view between Atlantic Beach and Emerald Isle was an emerald green maritime forest of yaupon trees. They were so thick you couldn’t see the ocean from the road. Those trees now dot the landscape of beach homes and you get a great ocean view as you travel down the highway.

Jordon’s Seafood Restaurant, across from Bert’s Surf Shop was one of the few places to eat at Emerald Isle. We ate there or drove to Morehead City to eat at Sanitary Fish Market. If you wanted to eat in, you would have to bring most of your groceries with you as the (Food Town) Food Lion had not been built.

Spending Quality Time at the Crystal Coast

We continue to come to our beloved Crystal Coast and always look to our annual family reunion with kids and grandchildren. We seldom miss spending time at the Crystal Coast since we have been married. We have watched the area change, grow and become a popular tourist destination. Some things never change about the Crystal Coast, you can still shop at Fran’s Beachwear, eat a delicious meal at Jordon’s and buy a tee-shirt from Bert’s.

Come discover the Crystal Coast we dearly love. If you have a fond family memory of the Crystal Coast, please share your experience too!

Wishing you many Crystal Coast memories,