Why is it that people tend to stay away from the Crystal Coast in the winter. Sure a lot of the stores are closed and you may not have the variety of open restaurants like you do during peak season but you won’t have to wait in line for that fresh seafood dinner.

Baby It’s Cold Outside

Winter Stroll on the Crystal Coast
If you planned a trip to the mountains, you wouldn’t worry that the highs were in the 40’s with lows in the 20’s. You just dress for the weather. The same thing can happen on the Crystal Coast.

Take a heavy coat to break the ocean breeze, a warm blanket, a good book and comfy chair and sit on the sand “snug as a bug in a rug”. If you find that too extreme, then rent a home on the beach that has a fireplace. You can sit by the roar of the fire and hear the roar of the ocean. What could be more romantic!

Explore Something New

During the off season, you have time to explore the various places on the island that you may have missed while spending your time sitting on the beach. Get in the car and drive down to the Coast Guard Station, visit the aquarium at Pine Knoll Shores or check out the shops that you have spied but never visited. Lots of shops are open year round they just close earlier in the off season. Take the time to talk to the locals. During peak season, everything seems so rushed but during the late fall and winter, life slows down on the Crystal Coast.

Take advantage of the great winter rates for beach rentals and head down to the Crystal Coast.

What interesting things do you find to do during cold weather at the Crystal Coast?

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