It’s Time to Take a Serious Look at Your Crystal Coast Property

Let’s face it, some homes on the Crystal Coast will never sell. Why? In this post, I will attempt to cover those costly mistakes sellers just can’t seem to get right. If your Atlantic Beach condo, Salter Path beach cottage, Pine Knoll Shores townhome or Emerald Isle oceanfront luxury home suffers one of the maladies, it is recommended you take a serious look at your property and make the necessary adjustments if you’re really serious about selling in today’s competitive Crystal Coast real estate market.

Culprit #1 – Overpricing Your Bogue Banks Beach Home

Is it overpriced? It’s the first thing you should consider if your Emerald Isle, Atlantic Beach, or Salter Path home is still sitting on the market while others around it are selling. Unfortunately to many home sellers think they can price their homes way above market value so they can negotiate down to meet a buyer’s offer. BAD tactic! Overpricing your Crystal Coast property will actually eliminate potential buyers. Remember, it doesn’t matter how much money you want for your property, it doesn’t matter what you may have paid for the property two years ago, or even what the Carteret County Tax Assessor states your property is currently worth. What’s important is what a buyer believes your property is worth. Here is the good news, overpricing can be corrected. Just understand, overpricing can and often does delay the sale of your Crystal Coast property.

Culprit #2 – Your Crystal Coast Property Has a Bad Odor!

Homes with bad odors such as odors from tobacco products, greasy food and pet odors make it incredibly difficult to sell your home. To attemptCrystal Coast Properties to mask these smells would be a fatal mistake. The only way for your property to be taken seriously is to totally eliminate these odors with a thorough cleaning (including all carpets) and maybe even a fresh coat of paint. Plus, you’ll need to remove the root source of these odors too. That means (if practical) placing your pet in a kennel while the property is being marketed. That means habits need to be altered if selling your Bogue Banks property really matters.

Culprit #3 – Your Property is in Need of Being Updated

If your Emerald Isle condo or Atlantic Beach oceanfront home has dated wallpaper, older appliances or the property is in need of a fresh coat of neutral paint, it may serve you well to bring your property up to date in order to compete with other properties in your area. Today’s picky Crystal Coast buyers have little time to devote to updating their new home when they first move in. A small investment updating your Southern Outer Banks home could go a long ways in helping your property compete with other similarly priced properties. It is recommended you check with an experienced Crystal Coast real estate professional to determine which improvements provide the strongest return on your investment.

It’s Your Turn…

What issues have you encountered that would prevent a property from never selling? Be the first to comment.

Until my next post,