I read an interesting article in the business section of the News and Observer this past Saturday. The article implied that people are waiting before they book their vacation rentals and make their hotel reservations for the Crystal Coast. It seems the primary reasons we are “sitting on our hands” is because of the economy, the gas prices and the elusive search to save a buck!

Teasing You to Come to the Beach

The reporter went on to say that in response to a lack of advanced bookings, real estate agencies and hotels are offering incentives.These inducements range from gas cards to discounts off the rate and sometimes both.

Not From Here?

In case you missed the N&O newspaper article, here are a few suggestions to help you in finding the best deals offered on the Crystal Coast.

  1. Hit the Internet and save! I suggest you troll around the Crystal Coast rental agency and hotel websites for “web-only specials”
  2. Pick up the phone and bargain with the representatives. Provided you have some good negotiating skills, it never hurts to ask for a discount
  3. Wait to the “last minute” and see if the discounts get better. Remember, there are risk involved in waiting to the bitter end as your selection might be sacrificed or even exhausted leaving you “no room in the inn”

How About it Crystal Coast Real Estate Agencies?

If you represent a Crystal Coast real estate agency are your advanced bookings down? Are you offering discounts or incentives to book NOW? If so, what inducements are you offering?

Is it True?

Consumers, are you finding Crystal Coast hotels and real estate agencies are in fact offering big savings to come to the North Carolina coast?

Helping you save on your Crystal Coast vacation,