It seems I’ve been hung up on the whole real estate gig lately. What can I say, it’s a passion of mine. I’m especially enamored with the real estate market on the Crystal Coast. It always gets me thinking as I drive from Emerald Isle to Atlantic Beach just how many homes, condos and lots are for sale here on the Southern Outer Banks.

Is the Entire Southern Outer Banks For Sale?

I don’t know about you, but it looks like the whole island is for sale with all the for sale signs everywhere you look. While the majority of these properties are “listed” with an agent, many Crystal Coast properties are for sale by the owners. Because so many sellers (and their agents) make the critical mistake of setting a list price that is too high, I felt it would be helpful to remind you of the factors that impact your ability to market your home and how quickly it will sell based on the price you set.

  • Your availability for showings

  • Is the home properly staged with superior curb appeal
  • Number of competing homes on the market
  • The strength of your marketing plan (or lack there of)
  • The average number of days a home is on the market for your community

As I stated in an earlier post, to accurately determine the right price for your Southern Outer Banks home you or your Crystal Coast real estate agent will need to find current prices for comparable homes for sale in your area, as well as find recently sold comparable properties in your area. Knowing the demand for housing in your community will be key as well.

Contrary to Popular Belief!

These factors do not impact the value or selling price of your Emerald Isle home:

  • The amount of profit you require from the sale does not affect the value of your home
  • The sentimental attachment you place on the home does not impact its value. Your memories you created in your home hold no value in the eyes of a buyer
  • What you may have paid for your property (X) years ago does not impact the current value
  • What the Carteret County Tax Accessor says your property is worth does not impact its market value
  • While a real estate agent can make a recommendation on the value of your property, his or her estimation of value isn’t the final word on your homes value

So Who Determines How Much Your Crystal Coast Home is Worth?

There is one party who will ultimately determine how much your Crystal Coast property is worth and that person is the qualified buyer who makes an offer on your home that you accept. One can not discount what value an appraiser will assign to the property for the buyer’s home loan. Here again, the appraiser will basically use the same recent comparable sold homes (CMA) you or your agent used to determine the fair market value of your home.

Your Feedback

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Wishing you the best as you market your Crystal Coast home,