The other day I actually received a “Google Alert” that a Crystal Coast real estate agent had posted information about the Crystal Coast real estate market on a website. Ironically, this same agent emailed me that day to say he had stumbled upon this site and wanted to discuss how he could have his information added to the Crystal Coast Blog.

Your Complete Unbiased Resource for the Crystal Coast

While it is never my policy nor my intention to “endorse” one agency over another, it is important you have a complete list of real estate agencies on the Crystal Coast. That way you can interview agents and agencies to determine which one offers you the best value for your Crystal Coast real estate needs. It goes without saying, it is equally important you make sure you feel completely comfortable with the agent you choose! Remember – buying or selling your Crystal Coast beach cottage, condo or single-family oceanfront home is one of the most important transactions you could make. Selecting the right agent is uber important!

Where are the Crystal Coast Real Estate Agent Blogs?

During my email exchange with this agent, I commented how so few of the agents on the Southern Outer Banks have a blog or even attempt to maximize their Internet presence. While you may see a few individual agent websites showing up in the top of the Google search results, the vast majority of the real estate websites are by agencies. I guess individual agents by and large depend on their brokerage for Internet business and exposure of their listings. You would think they would prefer to be in more control of their business and their destiny as opposed to placing all their eggs in the basket of the agency.

So Why Should Real Estate Agents Blog?

In general, only about 5% of all real estate professionals blog. While that number is growing, very few agents on the Crystal Coast blog. There are a couple of forward thinking agents who blog and you see them in the search results. Others just don’t seem to see the value in investing time to communicate with consumers in a very casual manner. So why should Crystal Coast real estate agents begin to blog? Here’s why:

  • A blog opens the door to starting a conversation in your market
  • A blog serves as a platform for you to demonstrate your expertise in your market
  • Blogs talk with consumers “not at them”
  • Blogs provide a means for consumers to “get to know” more about you “the person
  • A blog can and should be another information tool for agents to use to inform consumers about their markets. As an example, blogs can provide local market data, describe neighborhoods with amenities, tell consumers about local events, offer great tips, inform where to find outstanding restaurants, and even tell your visitors where to purchase that neat accessory for a Crystal Coast beach home.
  • Plus search engines such as Google, Yahoo and MSN love blogs and it’s apparent by the search ranking of blog sites. There is SEO power in blogs!

If You Are a Crystal Coast Real Estate Agent

I recommend you jump into the blogosphere. Even if you have no money, you can secure a “free” blog. You can blog at online social networks like Active Rain or setup a page at Facebook. As Nike says, “just do it” and you will begin to realize you too can get in the online conversation. That is what blogging is all about.

Do You Agree or Disagree?

Leave a comment and let me know.


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