So we are walking toward one of our favorite casual restaurants in Emerald Isle this past Saturday morning on our way for some breakfast, when we see a printed copy of our Crystal Coast Blog!

Look carefully and you can see a printed copy of our blog directly across from the frontdoor sign that reads….. Emerald Grill

Mega Kudos to The Emerald Grill

Sure, I had given the manager a print photocopy of our blog and asked he post it in a conspicuous spot – but it was still proudly displayed right by the frontdoor from several months ago. Needless to say, the folks at the Emerald Grill are big fans of the Crystal Coast Blog and we are even bigger fans of the Emerald Grill!

Thanks guys!


P.S. If you happen to get the munchies in the middle of the night on the weekends, the Emerald Grill is now open 24 hours on Friday and Saturday nights during the summer.