Ok, I’m sure this post will get all the Blackberry “Crackberry” loving real estate agents fuming. As a former Moto Q owner, I joined the masses that crossed over to the dark side and purchased an iPhone in mid-July. According to several websites, since the introduction of the 3G generation of the iPhone, an estimated 3 million units have been sold. That’s a staggering number. Based on the many Twitter conversations I follow, a bunch of agents all over the US are new iPhone owners.

My Rational – Why Emerald Isle Real Estate Agents Should Own an iPhone!

So why would I suggest what many might think is such an outlandish recommendation that your next Emerald Isle real estate agent be an iPhone owner? It’s all about the ingenious applications this baby can provide. In fact, I point to a blog post written by Real Estate blogger Joel Burslem when he stated there are “5 APPs Every Real Estate Agent Should Have on Their iPhone“. Now Joel made no mention that agents should be iPhone owners. I believe he was simply highlighting which iPhone APPs would greatly benefit agents (and their clients) most.

4 Reasons to be Considered

Ownership of an iPhone in and of itself does not infer that your Emerald Isle real estate will be a technology “wizard”. If your agent has an iPhone and has downloaded these applications to their iPhone, more than likely, they have a basic knowledge how to use these applications and are well-informed agents. Because those individuals who own an iPhone (IMHO) tend to be ahead of the technology curve, I am convinced Emerald Isle home buyers and sellers will greatly benefit from an agent who truly understands how to maximize their iPhones and along with the other technology gear they own. Hence my 4 reasons you should think about selecting a Emerald Isle Realtor who owns an iPhone:

  1. As I stated above, chances are better than average that your iPhone totin’ agent will be much more tech-savvy than his or her counterpart. This is especially true if they have surfed to web sites like Platial.com and created a profile. More to come on this in a later post!
  2. More iPhone applications will be coming down the pipeline very soon to allow consumers to search for all homes for sale in the Crystal Coast towns of Emerald Isle, Pine Knoll Shores, Indian Beach, and Atlantic Beach. Agents with iPhones are sure to be on the lookout for applications that help them meet the needs of their clients. While I was visiting the Trulia office in San Francisco last month for the Inman connect Conference, I had the pleasure of meeting Rudy Bachraty, Trulia’s Social Media Guru. Rudy stated yesterday his company has now released an iPhone property search app. I downloaded the Trulia property search app and it’s one very cool app. Emerald Isle home buyers and sellers, I recommend you download this app and take a look at all the features and benefits it represents to your experience. To help convince you of the value of this neat tool, take a look at this video.
  3. With an iPhone, an agent (and his clients) can view the Internet and see websites “formatted” correctly. When I owned my Moto Q, the Internet browser on my phone was a total mess and I could never view the site correctly. Plus, my download speeds were horrible! With my iPhone, surfing the web is a breeze! With an agent out showing homes, viewing Crystal Coast properties from an iPhone is very easy. Now that’s mobile computing at its best!
  4. As more users of the iPhone visit Emerald Isle to search for homes for sale, come to the Crystal Coast for a family vacation, dine at the local restaurants and stop by a coffee shop, no doubt they will be using all kinds of apps that offer a map and social networking opportunities. Those tech-savvy Emerald Isle real estate agents who decide to embrace this technology and begin using it will surely set themselves apart.

Agree – Disagree?

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