It seems a day doesn’t go by that another really cool iPhone APP is introduced. I really enjoy my iPhone and try to take full advantage of all its available applications, features and benefits. For everyone who visits or lives on the Crystal Coast and especially in the town of Emerald Isle, I suggest you put to good use your iPhone the minute you arrive and select the “Nearby” application. With Nearby, you can locate all kinds of great information uploaded by local Crystal Coast residents.

Search for Emerald Isle Homes for Sale with the Trulia APP!

If you are in the market for an Emerald Isle home or condo, be sure to download and test-drive the property search app provided by Trulia. This neat application offers Emerald Isle home buys a property search and mapping solution while the Nearby application contains user-generated content of recommended restaurants and services with mapped Crystal Coast locations.

Emerald Isle Home Sellers

If you are thinking about selling your Emerald Isle home, the first question that I would ask my Emerald Isle real estate agent is this – “Do you own an iPhone (or some sort of smartphone) and do you know about the great APPs (especially the APP called Nearby?” and the second question I would ask is this – “Do you upload your Emerald Isle property listings to the website Trulia?” Now I’m sure you are wondering why in the world would an Emerald Isle real estate agent would need to know about iPhone applications. Allow me to explain:

  • First, it is a true test just how tech-savvy (and marketing savvy) your Emerald Isle real estate agent really is. Are they keeping up with the latest smartphone technology available to empower consumers. For your sake, you better know your agent is staying ahead of the technology curve.
  • It lets you know how web-savvy your potential listing Emerald Isle real estate agent is. If your agent isn’t taking advantage of these tools to attract more buyers to your Crystal Coast property, you might be risking your Carteret county home languishing on the market due to lack of maximized exposure. This is especially true now that more consumers are using smartphones and specifically, iPhone apps like Nearby and the Trulia property search on their cell phones.

What Other iPhone APP’s Do You Use?

As you can see from the screenshots from my phone, I have a wide variety of social networking apps, a couple of games and the really critical applications like Twitter and WordPress app so I can blog on the fly from my phone.

Own an iPhone?

So which applications do you like and use often when visiting or residing on Emerald Isle?

I look forward to your comments,

Bobby Carroll

Your Crystal Coast Blogger

Update: phones and other similar technology tools (blogs, websites, and marketing tools) help real estate agents carry out their duties and responsibilities to serve their clients. Consumers would do well to carefully look at the way an agent uses all technology tools efffectively to deliver the results you seek.