Locations in Pine Knoll Shores to Access the Beach

Access Points #1 – AmeriSuites Public Access

121 Salter Path Road
This Pine Knoll Shores location provides public access along the western boundary of the Atlantis Lodge with associated parking located along Oakleaf Drive at its intersection with Hwy 58 (10 spaces).

Access Point #2 – Memorial Park Public Access
201 Salter Path Road
Offering 40 parking spaces, this oceanfront facility is located just west of milepost 6. Amenities at this location include an overlook deck, and a picnic table.

Access Point #3 – Iron Steamer Public Access
345 Salter Path Road
A regional, oceanfront area (50 parking spaces) located just west of the former Iron Steamer fishing pier, near milepost 7.5 and includes a bathroom facility.

Access Point #4 – Clamdigger Inn Public Access
511 Salter Path Road
Offering 20 spaces, this Pine Knoll Shores location north of the Ramada Hotel at milepost 8.5 is associated with ocean access positioned along the western boundary of the Ramada Hotel property.

Access Point #5 – Trinity Center Public Access
697 Salter Path Road
This location provides 20 parking spaces underneath the water tower at the Indian Beach/Pine Knoll Shores town boundary at milepost 9.5.

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