What Should be in Your Beach Bag?

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So you have rented your Emerald Isle vacation beach house. The car is packed and you’re about to head south. Many of you traveling longer distances hail from Ohio, or maybe Pennsylvania. Why do we know this? Take a glance at the license plates when you arrive in EI. See what I mean?
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Flips Flops in Emerald Isle – It’s Not Our Shop!

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We Don’t Own the Flip Flops Shop in Emerald Isle

I’m amazed at the amount of emails and comments I receive here at the Crystal Coast Blog from people who think I own the Flip Flops store in Emerald Isle. Then again, it’s really easy to understand. People “Google” the search term “Flip Flops in Emerald Isle” and my Crystal Coast Blog appears on page one (1) of the search results. Naturally, when people read my wife’s favorable comments posted here at our blog about Flip Flops, they assume that my wife Pam and I are the owners. Here’s the thing, we do not own the shop.

Flip Flops Needs Their Own Website

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