Tips You Should Know Before You Rent a Emerald Isle Beach Property

You would think renting a beach home or condo here on the Crystal Coast would be a pretty simple task. The fact of the matter is this, you should never take anything for granted or leave anything to chance when it comes to renting a vacation home. Otherwise, expect your vacation to be a big disappointment. With that said, make sure you remember this tip the next time you rent a beach property over the web from any individual or Crystal Coast real estate agency.


Renter Beware!

Just because a Crystal Coast real estate website states an amenity is offered at a Crystal Coast property does not necessarily mean it is in fact available and in working order. Never assume that a property has a “working” Internet access, especially in the “off-season”.

A “Wired” Crystal Coast Vacation!

In today’s economy, many renters need to be “wired” even while on vacation. In fact, according to a study commissioned for the Intel Corporation, 40 % of respondents stated that they (or their family members) took a laptop on their last vacation. The survey went on to say that 53% of those polled said that they would likely take a laptop on their next vacation.

Your Crystal Coast Rental Tip

Confirm with the real estate firm or property management company by phone that the property owner maintains a working high-speed Internet access (even in the off-season). To be doubly sure your vacation is started on the right foot ask that the maintenance person visually inspect the device to ensure it is in working order before you take possession of the property. Too often, property owners disconnect their Internet access (especially in the “shoulder” and off-season) and fail to advise their management company. Peace of mind knowing you’re wired is a good feeling.

Advice to the Rental Property Owner

By the way, why doesn’t every beach rental property offer cable TV and high-speed Internet access? Vacation property owners are missing potential rental opportunities and revenue by not offering this highly sought-after amenity. While it is understood it is a hard-dollar cost to providing this so-called “perk”, most Crystal Coast owners simply pass the cost on to the renter.

Reputable Crystal Coast Real Estate Agencies

To offer a fair and balanced post, there are many reputable Crystal Coast real estate agencies and websites providing accurate rental property information about available amenities. Once you have selected a local real estate firm who provides not only reliable information but also delivers superior customer service, remain loyal to your preferred agent or agency. By doing so you will experience a more relaxing vacation and no doubt receive greater value and benefit in return for your continuous business. Remember, it cost an agency far more money to acquire a new customer than it does to maintain an existing one.

Stay tuned for more Crystal Coast rental tips coming soon.

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