Smart Interview Questions When Building a Crystal Coast Home

Feeling comfortable with your Crystal Coast custom new home builder is critical to your peace of mind and ultimately to your budget. When selecting a prospective new home builder, consider using these interview questions.

Have a Game Plan When Selecting a Builder Partner

• What size builder company is right for you? Some Crystal Coast new home buyers need the resources of a large company while others may prefer the intimate relationship of a smaller builder who offers a personal touch.
• Does the builder consistently construct homes in your price range and square footage?
• Does the builder share in your vision for building your Crystal Coast home?
• Is the builder willing to allow those you retain to be active participants in the planning and construction process of your new home?
• Does the builder have a corporate philosophy that matches what you seek in a builder partner?
• Does the builder integrate “green building” techniques and products including low-flow toilets, recycled products and building materials and other carbon footprint reducing strategies?

Your Crystal Coast New Home Builder Partner

Your Crystal Coast Builder’s Reputation & Resources

• Does the Crystal Coast builder belong to the local, regional and national homebuilder association?
• How long has the builder been in business?
• Confirm no complaints have been registered with the Better Business Bureau.
• What is the experience level for those principal individuals who will be managing your Crystal Coast construction process?
• Be sure to walk through completed homes and talk to past clients. Don’t forget to seek permission first to walk through the builders completed homes.
• Are past clients satisfied with the quality of their Crystal Coast homes?
• Was their project completed on time and at a satisfactory price?
• Ask to walk through homes in various stages of construction and be sure to speak with subcontractors on site. Are the “subs” competent, knowledgeable and skilled craftsmen?
• Ask the subs to detail the quality of the home they are building.
• Does the builder show respect for the construction site protecting trees, dunes and other precious natural resources?

Your Crystal Coast Builder’s Ability to Effectively CommunicateCrystal Coast New Home Construction

• Does the builder communicate effectively with clients during the construction process?
• How often will the builder commit to communicate?
• Are you comfortable with the frequency of communication?
• What tools does the builder use to communicate during the process? (Phone calls-faxes-text message-Internet construction process tracker-emails)
• If you travel often, what will the builder do to communicate effectively while you are out of town?
• What process does the Crystal Coast builder use for change orders (minor and major)?

Price, Contracts & Service After the Sale

• Will the Crystal Coast builder set clear expectations of price, delivery and all terms?
• Will the construction loan be in your name or that of the builder? If the construction loan is in your name, establish guidelines for payments.
• If you have multiple builders “bidding” on your new home construction, remember the lowest bid does not necessarily represent the best builder. (Remember – you get what you pay for.)
• Inquire about the builder’s warranty on their work and that of their subcontractors.
• What guarantees of quality and workmanship does the builder offer?
• Will the builder repair problems after the home is completed?

These Crystal Coast custom homebuilder interview questions should be helpful when selecting the right Emerald Isle, Salter Path, or Atlantic Beach new home builder for your construction project.

If you have built a new home recently, what other questions would you add to this list?

I look forward to your feedback,