5 Surefire Ways to Insure Your Crystal Coast Home Never Sells

In the current market condition, selling your Crystal Coast home can be a challenging transaction. With that said, you need every competitive advantage possible when competing with many other Crystal Coast properties on the market. Remember, you are vying for the same pool of qualified buyers as your competition in your home’s price range. So when you’re ready to list your Emerald Isle, Atlantic Beach or Pine Knoll Shores property, it is recommended you avoid these potential “deal killers“!

Crystal Coast Beach Properties

  1. Price Your Crystal Coast Property to High. This is by far the #1 way to prevent your Crystal Coast home or condo from selling. Remember, the first 4 to 6 weeks your Crystal Coast property is on the market is when excitement and interest in your property is at its peak. An overpriced property will suck the life out of any early marketing strategy no matter how desirable your property is or potent the marketing campaign may be!
  2. Refuse to allow the agent to list your Crystal Coast home on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). Homeowners who think they can “arrange” a “private sale” without the benefit of the MLS in today’s economic environment best be sitting on a “one of a kind property” if they plan to pull off this type of sale.
  3. Refuse to allow your Crystal Coast real estate agent to place a “lockbox” on your property for ease of showings. In today’s market it’s all about having your property available when a qualified buyer is ready to preview your home, not the other way around. Buyers are busy people too with wacky schedules. Try to be as flexible as you can to make your property available for all showings.
  4. Another surefire way to sabotage your Crystal Coast home sale is act as your property’s personal tour guide. Next, while tagging along, try to “hard sell” your property pointing out features and characteristics as you go. Seriously, it is recommended you vacate the property and let the professionals “show” your property.
  5. Refuse to maintain your property in impeccable condition while it is on the market. Dirty bathrooms and disorganized kitchens will go miles in making other Crystal Coast properties look far superior to yours and will ultimately defeat any attempts to successfully sale your home.

Obviously, there are many more deal breakers that could be added to this list. Can you think of any to add?

Helping maximize the sale of your Crystal Coast home,