Closing the Deal on a Crystal Coast PropertySo what’s your best guess? Here is a nugget of information that just may help you find that prized Crystal Coast vacation home or permanent Bogue Banks home. Web-savvy Crystal Coast real estate agents prefer to have a “new listing” debut on the Carteret County Multiple Listing Service (MLS) on a Friday. Results from research sponsored by Seattle-based online real estate brokerage Redfin indicates homes that debuted on Fridays experienced more views, hence more website visitors. The research also indicated the least favorable day to debut a Crystal Coast property is on a Thursday.

The Worldwide Web Powers the Crystal Coast Real Estate Industry!

Granted, not all Using the Power of the Internet to Search for Your Crystal Coast Home Crystal Coast real estate agents are super web-savvy, however more are catching up to speed. Let’s face it, Emerald Isle and the other Crystal Coast towns are quickly becoming nationally known destinations. And we’re not just talking about vacation home rentals. Baby Boomers are retiring here. Families are choosing to relocate to the Crystal Coast seeking a better standard of living. Now add those visitors who come to the Crystal Coast on vacation and choose to remain here permanently. The large majority of all these people are using the power of the Internet to search for Crystal Coast real estate for sale. The question you need to ask yourself (and your real estate agent) is this; “is my Crystal Coast real estate agent up on the latest online technologies and capable of maximizing them to my benefit as either a buyer or a seller?”

If you have any questions what Internet capabilities your Crystal Coast agent should possess, be sure to ask.

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