Earlier today, I posted this question on a local Triangle blog (now published) and thought I would give you the opportunity to answer thisCrystal Coast Family Vacation question too – so will $4 a gallon gas prevent you from driving to the Southern Outer Banks for your vacation this summer? Many economic prognosticators predict gas prices will eclipse the $4 a gallon mark by the July 4th holiday. So where is your ultimate pain threshold for gas prices when considering a driving vacation? One only has to take a look at the license plates of Crystal Coast tourist to see this area attracts families from distant states like Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia. What impact will $4 a gallon gas have on these travelers?

Will the Federal Tax Rebate Help?

To help offset the added expense of higher gas cost, will you use the tax rebate to fund your Crystal Coast vacation? Many economy pundits indicate one option for citizens is to use the rebate to pay down debt. Given the size of the rebate, it’s difficult for me to imagine many will use it to pay down their debt or place their check in savings.

Your Feedback?

Will you travel to the Southern Outer Banks for your vacation in spite of the gas prices? I look forward to your feedback.

Until my next post,