North Carolina Coastal Fishing Pier Update

If you have read my recent post, you can tell I find it disturbing that parts of our coastal heritage are disappearing right in front of our eyes. One only has to look back at these special places that are no longer on the Crystal Coast for us to enjoy. No longer can you take your son or daughter to fish off Crystal Coast fishing piers like the Triple S Pier torn down in late March 2008 or the Iron Steamer Pier torn down in early 2005 to make room for ten single-family beach homes.

The Bogue Inlet Pier

Some Good News on Crystal Coast Fishing Piers

Fortunately, the Bogue Inlet Pier at Emerald Isle was recently taken off the market and the Oceanana Pier isOceanana Fishing Pier in Atlantic Beach still in operation in Atlantic Beach. Having talked the staff at each pier the other day, it seems safe to say the Oceanana Pier and the Bogue Inlet Pier are free from the temptation of a big financial payday served up by Crystal Coast real estate developers. I happen to think these coastal piers are a part of our state’s fishing heritage. For many, it’s the only affordable way to fish as it is very expensive to charter a fishing boat or the option of boat ownership.

Do You Have Fond Memories of Crystal Coast Fishing Piers?

Tell us about your memorable trips to these fixtures of our coastal NC fishing heritage. Be the first to comment.

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