Spring is Bike Inspection Time

Longer days, crystal blue skies and warmer temps are sure signs that spring is in full swing here in Emerald Isle. Now is the right time to give your bike and biking gear a quick safety inspection before you put your bike through another rigorous workout. Ron Ryan, bike repair pro with Highway 58 Bicycles, emailed me the other day to offer these timely tips to getting your bike ready for more time spent on those wonderful bike paths here in beautiful Emerald Isle.

Ron recommends you:

  • Check your helmet from time to time for bad straps, worn chin snaps and helmet cracks. If your helmet has any of these problems, it’s time for a new one. Moms and dads, be sure your child’s helmet fits securely and properly.
  • Check for broken or missing reflectors. There should 8 reflectors on your bike.

  1. 1 on the front
  2. 1 on the rear
  3. 1 in each wheel
  4. 2 in each pedal
  • Always wear bright color clothing with reflective strips especially at dusk and dark
  • Check your brakes. Brakes should always be in good working condition. Brake adjustment should be left to the experts. The Crystal Coast blog highly recommends you take your bike to an expert. Highway 58 Bicycles is conveniently located on the Highway 58 bike path in Emerald Isle. Ron and his fine team are highly specialized and trained bicycle tech experts and they are ready when it’s time to adjust your brakes (or any other bike repairs or purchases).
  • Make sure your handle bar grips are tight and in good repair.
  • Check the tires for proper inflation (recommended air pressure should be marked on the side of the tire).
  • Check for front wheel wobble. Try this simple test, straddle the front tire with it between your legs. Try turning the handle bars with the tire locked in a fixed position. If you notice any movement with the handlebars while rotating the handlebars from side to side, it’s time to take your bike in to Highway 58.

These are just a few of the recommended bike gear tips offered by Ron to insure you enjoy your next ride here on the Crystal Coast. The Crystal Coast Blog wishes to thank Ron and Bette Ryan with Highway 58 Bicycles for their contribution to this post.

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Keeping you safe on the bike paths,

Your Crystal Coast Blogger

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