It’s Easier than You Think!

We all know the beach is a wonderful place to make memories. And what better way to document your time together than by taking awesome photographs. Believe it or not, beautiful photos can be taken on the beach and it’s easier than you think. We recommend you try these simple tips.

Fill in the Shadows – With a Flash!

While in times past, it was recommended all photos be taken with the sun “over your shoulder”. Newer technology integrated in today’s digital cameras now allows you to shoot your pictures with your subjects face in full shade. The next time you’re on the beaches of the Crystal Coast turn on the “fill flash” mode on your digital camera. This tactic is especially helpful if you happen to be shooting your photos of subjects under a tent, under the beach umbrella or under the pier. Use of the fill flash will require you move in a little closer to your subject. Unfortunately, most flash are only powerful enough to be effective within 8 to 10 feet or less.

Get Even Closer!

To often, people take photos of family members standing in the surf while the camera is positioned 100 yards from the subject. This shot will produce an unrecognizable person against the blue/green backdrop of the Atlantic Ocean. Fine if the point is to take images of the ocean. With people, we recommend you always get closer! If the eyes are the windows to the soul, we say focus on the eyes!

The Vertical Edge

The reason some professional photos look so great – the pros occasionally shoot their photos on the vertical plain. To often amateurs forget to use this simple tip that really makes a strong impact on the quality and variety of the pictures we take. The next time you’re on the beach in Emerald Isle, try shooting several photos on the vertical. We think you will like your results.

Only the Shadow Knows!

If you really want high impact photos, shoot your photos in the early morning or late part of the day. Why – because the long shadows make for great pictures. Here again, try using your fill-flash mode to add some drama to your photos. Early morning and late day photos also offer rich color saturation and add greater character to our photographs.

Those Carolina Blue Skies!

We all know, it doesn’t get any better than to live in Carolina – especially in the summertime! If you happen to be on the Crystal Coast right after a cold front moves through to clear the air, you can take advantage of this opportunity by trying to capture your subject at a 90 degrees to the sun. For those who have a digital SLR, be sure to add that “polarizing filter” to your lens to really make that Carolina blue sky POP!

Try It – You’ll Like It!

So give these photo tips a try and let us see some of those great photos. Send your digital pictures to and we will pick some of our favorites and highlight them in our Crystal Coast Photo Gallery page late next month. Now go get “snap happy” and submit a comment of the tip that worked best for you!

From the “Picture Perfect” Crystal Coast,