So can you pull it off and sell your own Emerald Isle home? The thoughts of saving 6% or 7% for the agency commission is mighty tempting. So is it possible to sale your home yourself? Sure you can, but know this – selling your Crystal Coast home yourself will take:

  1. A major commitment of your time
  2. A fool-proof Internet marketing plan
  3. Knowledge of your local market
  4. The ability to accurately price your property
  5. An understanding of the legal implications of the North Carolina real estate transaction
  6. Skillful at negotiating the offer
  7. And plenty of help from a few respected experts (attorney, title company, lending consultant and so forth).

Sell it Yourself Versus Listing with an Agent

I suspect there will be many homeowners on North Carolina’s Southern Outer Banks reading this blog who are thinking about selling their Crystal Coast home themselves. It’s possible once you reach the end of this 3-part post, you will come to the ultimate conclusion to solicit the help of a local Crystal Coast real estate professional. And rightfully so.

Do You Have What it Takes to Market Your Crystal Coast Home?

Others may want to try going the FSBO (For Sale by Owner) route. If you’re one of those sellers who are up for the challenge, you should keep reading. You’re sure to pick up a pointer or two! Just remember – it takes a special individual who can sale your own Crystal Coast home. In fact, statistics indicate a large majority of homeowners (over 80%) choose to hire a real estate professional to do it. But if you must go it alone, stay with me.

Will You be Available to Show Your Crystal Coast Home?

First of all, if you’re an absentee Crystal Coast property owner, it will be the ultimate challenge to attempt to market your home yourself. At the very least, you must have someone who lives nearby to show your home at the whim of a buyer. As the absentee owner, It is imperative you possess supreme trust in this person to insure your property and any personal effects in it are kept safe and secure while the home is on the market. Buyers want to view homes on their time schedules. Not having your property readily available to buyers will make selling your Bogue Banks home nearly impossible!

Tire-Kickers Versus Qualified Buyers

Curious buyers, without representation of a real estate agent, may want to view your Emerald isle home. Without the consultation of a real estate agent, oft times these buyers will be completely unqualified, so make sure your local home showing “helperhas the unique ability and expertise to screen out the “tire-kickers” from the “real” qualified buyers. If you’re a permanent Crystal Coast resident, obviously your availability to show your home should not be a problem. In either case, to screen out unqualified buyers, you may find it helpful to have a lending consultant qualify those unrepresented buyers who wish to view your home.

We Have Barely Scratched the Surface

As you can see, we haven’t even begun to talk about the main areas of selling your Emerald Isle home yourself. We still need to cover the elements of maximum exposure for your Crystal Coast home using the power of Internet marketing, the need for you to possess expert knowledge of the local market, the art of accurately pricing your Crystal Coast property, and last but maybe most important, navigating through the contractual nuances of the North Carolina real estate transaction once an offer is made. Can you skillfully negotiate an offer submitted by a buyer? In part 2 and part 3, I will cover these items in greater detail so stay tuned.

Until my next post,


Your Crystal Coast Blogger