By following these simple tips, you stand a far better chance of returning to a secure home from your trip to the Southern Outer Banks. The best way to protect your home is by creating the appearance that your home is occupied even while you are out of town. You can achieve this by:

  1. Stopping your newspaper delivery. Some newspapers allow you to have your paper delivered to a local public school while you are away on vacation.
  2. Temporarily have your mail stopped also.
  3. Postpone any regular scheduled home deliveries until you return home.
  4. If you and your family are away for an extended vacation, you may want to contract with a lawn care company to maintain your yard so your home doesn’t appear vacant.
  5. On a practical note, be sure to use or remove from your refrigerator and pantry any perishables before you go away
  6. Unplug any electronic devices including TVs, computers, and monitors while you are out of town.
  7. Leave on typical interior lights left on in the evening to leave the appearance of someone at home.
  8. Arrange for a neighbor friend or nearby relative to occasionally check on your home.
  9. Advise your local Neighborhood Watch Captain of the dates you will be out of town on vacation. FYI… in many smaller towns and communities, local police departments, if advised, will have an officer drive by your home while your out of town.
  10. If you contract with a security company, be sure to advise them the dates you will be out of town and provide your contact information where you can be reached in the event of an emergency. FYI…. Don’t forget to set your alarm when you leave!

These timely tips should help reduce the risk of a home intrusion while your family is away on vacation.

Your Feedback

What other ideas or tips would you recommend to maintain a safer home while you are away on your Crystal Coast vacation?

Helping you arrive back to a safe, secure home,