Recently I received this information from Mr. Jonathan Hunt with That Agency about maintaining your Masonite doors and felt it would be beneficial to pass along to Crystal Coast real estate owners about maintaining your exterior doors. As you know, the NC Coastal salt air can wreak havoc on the exterior of your Emerald Isle home causing your wood doors, windows and exterior siding to weather, decay and eventually need replacement. There are steps you can take to keep your doors looking better and lasting longer too.

Creating Outstanding Entryways to Your Crystal Coast Home

Remember, if you’re selling your Crystal Coast home, it is a must that you create outstanding curb appeal. This means your entrance to your Emerald Isle home be clutter-free while being warm and inviting. One of the most often recommended “to do’s” before you place your home on the market is to re-stain (or paint) your front door.

Staining Your Crystal Coast Home’s Masonite Door

Staining your Masonite door is a simple process that can achieve elaborate results. Three easy stages—Preparing, Staining, and applying a top-coat—will allow you to increase both the aesthetics and value of your Crystal Coast home.

Prepping Your Masonite Door

Preparing to stain your door just might be the most demanding step of the process. You will need access to a standard set of tools, acetone, and a quality stain. Doors can be stained either hanging in the opening or removed from the frame. To ensure an effective staining, it is important to keep your work-area and the door itself free of dust and debris at all times; this can be achieved by wiping all door-panel(s) and sidelite(s) thoroughly clean with acetone.

It is recommended that you tape off any areas that you do not wish stained; this will give you the best results.


Wearing gloves, stir the stain thoroughly using smooth strokes. Avoid shaking the container or conjuring bubbles within the stain.

Proceed to apply the stain with a foam brush; rubbing in the results with a cloth to ensure complete and even coverage.

Once the door is completely stained, lightly brush over the entire surface with a china bristle brush.

It is imperative to allow the first stained surface to dry before proceeding to the second side, or applying another stain.


The top-coat, or sealant, is required to ensure your door’s weatherability. It protects the stain and makes the surface washable. After you’ve allowed the door to completely dry, you will need to apply a high-quality, UV stabilized coating.

Stir the top-coat as you did the stain and apply with even gentle strokes, pressing hard enough to lightly flex the bristles. Allow the first coat to dry before applying another. It is recommended that you apply a minimum of two coats to achieve complete surface protection.

After both sides have completely dried, remove the paper and tape from the glass and protected surface, and replace the door back into the frame.

By using this quick and simple method to stain your Masonite door, you are guaranteed results that infuse a lasting beauty to your door and your Crystal Coast home.

Helping you enjoy your Crystal Coast home for many years to come.

Your Crystal Coast Blogger,


P.s. Special thanks again to Jonathan Hunt with That Agency for supplying these helpful tips to staining your Masonite doors.