But What About Vacation Rentals?

According to a recent survey conducted by the American Hotel & Lodging Association (AHLA), hotel guest believe a wireless Internet connection is the most important technology amenity when selecting a hotel. Here is a quick breakdown of leading technology amenities hotel guest rank for importance:

  1. 82% of guests rank wireless Internet as their most preferred hotel amenity
  2. 48% requested In-room entertainment systems
  3. 38% thought airline check-in kiosks would be the highest ranking hotel amenity

How is the Hotel Industry Different From the Vacation Rental Business?

They are totally different animals. That’s a no-brainer! While those on vacation might select a hotel as a place for short-term lodging based more on creature comforts and location, by and large, business travelers are the hotel’s “bread and butter” and generate the most revenue. Those traveling for business purposes need all the relevant technology tools available to remain “connected and productive”.

Crystal Coast Beach Cottage Rentals

Those on a Crystal Coast vacation typically desire to “disconnect” and relax. The problem is, many in our society refuse to be breakaway from the technology we demand and use each day of our lives. It’s like the “Crackberry” addiction! We must stay on top of our emails, instant messages, Tweets from our Tweeter followers, and communications from our online social network “buddies“. That’s why I believe Crystal Coast vacation rental property owners can cash in on this “need” to be constantly connected by offering your guest the highly sought-after wireless connectivity.

What Can Emerald Isle Vacation Property Owners Learn From the Hotel Industry?

Apparently, the hotel industry has listened to their customers and are quickly moving toward 100% of industry’s hotels offering wireless Internet connectivity. The current stat is at 91% of all hotels are now offering wireless access. That’s up 35% from four short years ago. As a Crystal Coast vacation property owner, you would do well to follow the lead of the hotels and provide “your guest” the same technology.

Want More Rental Income From the Gen Y Crowd?

This is especially true if you want to attract more of your business from the Gen Y crowd. Remember this fact, guys and gals of the Millennial Generation were raised on the Internet and they depend on it like we used to depend on our transistor radios. Oops, now I’m really showing my age.

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