Lately I have been thinking about the direction of topics and information provided in this blog. One key element I teach every blogger is you must know who your audience is and then provide “high-value” content to your audience in your blog. That way, loyal readers will return time and again to read your fresh content.

The SEO Benefits to a “Themed Blog”

Another important element is to make sure a blog has a central theme for search engines. Random thoughts across a broad spectrum of topics can confuse the likes of Google and Yahoo, not to mention my readers.

Real Estate Agents and Brokers Read the Crystal Coast Blog

Because of my activities as a real estate marketing coach, I advise my real estate agent clients and other real estate related professionals the best practices related to real estate web sites, blog sites, blogging and search engine optimization. And yes, I have used this portal to occasionally speak to that audience. I’m confident my clients and other industry friends who hang out at online social media sites read this blog too. My site stats and the comments left by real estate agents bare this out.

Speaking to Crystal Coast Consumers

Then again, consumers who visit the Crystal Coast for their vacation, and others who are thinking about buying and selling a home on the Southern Outer Banks of NC read this portal. It was and still is my mission to provide meaningful travel and vacation tips mixed with real estate buying and selling strategies so you will make the absolute best decisions about your Emerald Isle real estate transaction or vacation trip.

Slight Topical Shift Ahead

Going forward, each new post added to the Crystal Coast Blog will be 100% focused to you, the consumers. If you are seeking information on vacations on the Crystal Coast as well as those families and individuals seeking to buy and sell property in Emerald Isle and all along the Crystal Coast, this blog is for you!

Plenty of Resources for the Real Estate Crowd

If you’re a real estate agent or broker and you were expecting to find articles to help you  better understand the dynamics of real estate marketing, I will be featuring those articles on several blog portals including the blog at, at and the blog.

Please let me know how you feel about this slight change in topical direction.

Bobby Carroll – The Crystal Coast Blogger