We Don’t Own the Flip Flops Shop in Emerald Isle

I’m amazed at the amount of emails and comments I receive here at the Crystal Coast Blog from people who think I own the Flip Flops store in Emerald Isle. Then again, it’s really easy to understand. People “Google” the search term “Flip Flops in Emerald Isle” and my Crystal Coast Blog appears on page one (1) of the search results. Naturally, when people read my wife’s favorable comments posted here at our blog about Flip Flops, they assume that my wife Pam and I are the owners. Here’s the thing, we do not own the shop.

Flip Flops Needs Their Own Website

You see the store doesn’t have their own website. I’ve actually told Marcie (the REAL owner of Flip Flops) that she needs a website and that she is missing opportunities for sales over the web. I can only do so much. So the next time you drop in to that funky little beach shop attached to the convenient store on your way from Emerald Isle to Indian Beach, please tell Marcie that the guy at the Crystal Coast Blog said he is still getting emails from people saying they want to purchase another one of those cute little “fuzzy-bottomed coozies” or order more of those stickers you have on your counter.

We Love Our Crystal Coast Blog Visitors!

Don’t get me wrong, Pam and I love the fact that people are coming to our Crystal Coast Blog and we will continue to highlight our favorite things to do, awesome places to eat and unique shops to checkout here on the Crystal Coast. So if you want to leave a message for Marcie, the owner of Flip Flops, always feel free to leave a comment.

Until my next post,

Bobby Carroll