As a licensed North Carolina real estate broker, I receive immense fulfillment from helping my clients in real estate marketing, blogging and social media navigation. As a part of those passions, I had the pleasure of attending the Inman Real Estate Connect Conference in New York last week with my son, Brad CarrollBrad was asked to participate as a panelist in a breakout session on “Build a World Class Agent Web Site” moderated by Bernice Ross.

What Is Inman Connect?

If you’re unfamiliar with the Inman Connect Conference, it is a semi-annual gathering of forward-thinking real estate professionals who come to learn and to share how our industry is changing and being changed. Main hall sessions typically focus on the state of the real estate industry and ground-breaking technologies plus breakout sessions that focus on Internet marketing, blogging, state of the MLS and various other “tracks”.

From the Observation Deck High Above Times Square in NYC

The primary purpose of this Crystal Coast Blog post is to offer some thoughts based on attending the RE Bar Camp, Bloggers Connect and the Inman Connect Conference. The original train of thought of this post was sent via Twitter “direct message” to a social media buddy of mine and video rock star Uncommon real estate agent in Boston, Mike Lefebvre (@MikeLefebvre). Did I get all that correct Mike? Limited to 140 Twitter characters, I decided a lengthier blog post was in order. My time in NYC triggered the following thoughts:

  • Uninformed real estate agents who begin “playing” online without knowledge of “netiquette” in the social media space stand a better chance of making mistakes. Social media newbies, may I suggest you stop (before you create a profile), look (at the guidelines), and listen (before you engage).
  • Many will experience social media fatigue and will probably fall by the wayside not knowing how to implement a carefully managed plan to remain focused and active in social media.
  • The vast majority of real estate agents just don’t get how to use social media tools like Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, LinkedIn, and blogging. Each tool is distinctive with its own personality. Suggestion, read the social media primer “Social Media is a Cocktail Party” by Jim Tobin.
  • Real estate agents who were the early adopters have a huge head start over their competition and the competition will find it increasingly difficult to play catch up.
  • The next phase for early RE.Net adopters of social media is maturity in it’s use of the medium. Instead of using interruption based marketing tactics such as mass spam drip email campaigns and print media, most are forgoing these strategies in favor of permission based marketing in conjunction with social media.

Passions That Intersect at the Crystal Coast of NC

Granted, Emerald Isle is a far cry from New York City, but these social media concepts still hold true no matter if you’re a real estate agent on the Crystal Coast or in a large metropolitan area. People who live in Emerald Isle participate on Facebook just like those who live in Charlotte, Pittsburgh or any other area.

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